Thank you for reporting in this monstrous act of decimation. It is just as heartbreaking that these agency employees go along with all of this. Integrity is apparently in short order.

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The mother WEFers want to cull the population. All western governments are in on it. It’s high time to hang them all

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Infuriating. Great reporting.

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Besides the US, Canada and Europe, it seems the most vile and corrupt Demons reside in Australia and New Zealand. They’ve probably been too cut-off from their ilk far too long. Unfortunately, the sheep population aren’t brave enough to mass slaughter them.

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Another day, another piece of The Monster agenda rolls on.

When crops fail, wholesale, things will get ugly. More ugly than currently.

These steps are all so obvious, yet somehow they have armies of mindless droids helping to starve their fellow humans.

2024 is shaping up to be a cracker of a year, with all the sabotage already in 2023.


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When is humanity going stand up for it's self & the planet & actually do something to stop this carnage???

WE are allowing these psychopaths to do this by standing by & not stopping them

We deserve what we're going to get due our apathy

The poor animals & plants of this good earth don't - they can't fight back

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Notice the pattern...

Loads of people getting sick from EMF (wireless pollution) prior to 2020. Declare 'viral' pandemic and vaccinate them. Today, long covid/ vaccine damage is indistinguishable from microwave radiation poisoning.

Insects down 75% over the last 30 years (consumer wireless infrastructure took off 30 years ago). Start killing off bee hives and blame mites and 'global warming'. Then nobody will be able to say for sure what caused the reductions in population.

Ditto for birds which are also dropping out the skies next to cell towers and have been declining alongside insects. Declare bird flu and start slaughtering them.

Next it will be cats and dogs.

They have to provide alternative explanations for the widespread sickness and death caused by wireless pollution. Even if it makes the government look bad the wireless industry has to be protected at all costs. Wireless tech is the foundation of the entire smart grid/ slave system. If enough people realise microwaves are poisoning and killing everything on this planet (and giving more and more people chronic health issues like fatigue, insomnia, clots, heart issues, depression, anxiety, brain fog etc) then it's game over for the industry.

Watch this 'news' item which shows vultures dropping dead around a cell tower. The news item (and the experts being interviewed) do not mention the cell tower. Instead they talk about 'bird flu' and other nonsense. The cell tower is only visible for a second. The brief shot of it was probably included by accident during the edit.


This kind of cover up is now the norm. Wireless (microwaves) are an environmental toxin. The industry should never have gotten off the ground to begin with... but the technocrats are just as addicted to the 'god like' power of wireless tech as you are. They obviously can't give up their addiction... can you?

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I’d rather have mitochondria than hypochondria.

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People also need to be aware that NSW govt has also decided all livestock vaccines for foot and mouth and lumpy skin disease is mRNA . If you don’t take the vaccines they will and do put it in our food

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Seems like the Australian Govt. doesn't know (or care ) about Paul Stamets work....


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I have restacked this; Thanks for putting it together Tim.

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