I hate to say it but I paid big money to get ivermectin and sad to say I took about 32 pills all together (out of 60) some as a prophylactic and regularly during my last cold of which I had test positive twice (trust me, I no longer believe in the virus” anymore. Although, I was a bit ill, I’ve had WAY worse illnesses in my life time and this didn’t compare to those BUT dang I had the worst headache, rapid heart rate...really rapid and brain fog. Looking back I’m betting it was the damn ivermectin. I mean they give the Africans 1 or 2 doses once a year and here I was taking it daily for 2 weeks😳. I believe it’s a psyop for sure. It burns me up that I fell for all these damn scams. Best thing to do is stay far far away from all pharmaceuticals. I’m even Leary of supplements. Pharmaceutical companies also provide supplements to smaller companies.

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Thank you, Tim. I appreciate your research.

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Any drug that is from the Medical Mafia is corrupt.. I do not consent...

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Hey Tim! Sorry to contact this way but I couldn't find a contact form or email address anywhere so here goes!

I rolled onto your show on the Amandha Vollmer episode and it looks like we've been drinking out of the same cup!

I'm a previous author now writing a book on the pharmaceutical industry I also help administrate terrainscience.com - a lot of my articles can be found there on pharma and other topics of human growth

Since the book is turning into a bit of a tome, I pulled some excerpts out and turned them into a free eBook because I wanted something out in the world - as the info isn't helping anyone on my laptop. A lot of people have downloaded it already and the feedback is encouraging. I'd like to send it along.

Would love to come on the show if you'd be so gracious as to have me as a guest - I think your audience would really be fascinated by what I have uncovered

I'm fasting in a house in Mexico right now with some experienced friends so I should really end with hasta luego

very warmly,


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