Lesson to be learned...Can't trust Big Pharma with ANYTHING they make!

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Appreciate all your research.

I was warning family and friends NOT to take this and still do.

Passing this info to other boards.

Certainly NOT a so-called medication to ingest (like most)

Questions by some researchers were always on the table back then. They were all ignored.

Ivermectin is a nonselective inhibitor of mammalian P-type ATPases

"With respect to the inhibition of the Na+,K+-ATPase, ivermectin acts by a mechanism different from the classical cardiac glycosides, based on selectivity towards the isoforms, sensibility to the antagonistic effect of K+ and to ionic conditions favoring different conformations of the enzyme. We conclude that ivermectin is a nonselective inhibitor of three important mammalian P-type ATPases, which is indicative of putative important adverse effects" .


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Interesting that the longer-term group with smaller dosage showed greater morphological changes. This would certainly rule out prophylactic use. Thanks.

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Is there any studies showing if any of the effects can be reversed? They got the populations one way or another...no one got away with taking nothing. Wow

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I took nothing, and I'm sure lots of other folks took nothing. There are some people who know the mainstream media, government and the medical cartel are lying about pretty much everything.

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I, and my wife, are 2 of them. As you say, I'm sure there are many more. Thankfully.

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Hi Tim,

just discovered your work today through a post by Micheal Ginsburg.

First let me add my great thanks to the many you've no doubt heard for your work.

Your expose on ivermectin is brilliant and unique, and if we weren't boxed into digital canyons by the cyber-terrorists in Silicon Valley, this post alone would have millions of view. And your work demonstrates very clearly that us we cannot trust Big Pharma, the FDA, CDC, Big Chemicals or the World Health Organization. And we must take everything they have ever said as suspect. Which is exhausting!

Second let me say up until today I was one of those that has been fooled both by the marketing and personal experience - During the last 2 years my girlfriend and I, both un-injected, but surrounded by people that are multiple jabbed who were and still are getting sick regularly, we both got ill with flu-like symptoms, and believing the ivermectin promotion I bought it and we took it, and our symptoms literally vanished overnight. We have been through this literally 3 times in 2 years.

So there are 2 issues running around my mind after watching your video and reading your article on ivermectin.

1. Why is it that ivermectin appears to help flu-like illness?

2. How do those who have taken it detox our bodies, and reduce the harms it may have already done?

If you've done anything on this already, perhaps you could be so kind as to let me have the links.

I am looking forward to working my way through your work.

Thank you again for your work, though it may be underappreciated today due to censorship, you are rendering a great service to humanity.

Ivan M. Paton

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Flu symptoms are caused when your liver dumps a large amount of bile and it leaks into your bloodstream, thereby irritating every cell in your body. When you take ivermectin it temporarily shuts down bile production, improving symptoms. The liver just stores it for later processing. There are safer things to take to obtain similar effects, such as low dose vitamin C and zinc.

For more on this I highly recommend The Nutrition Detective, Dr. Garret Smith. He does weekly livestreams on utube explaining how his Toxic Bile Theory can cause many different symptoms, and how to safely detox.

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Ann that's really great information. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr. Tom Cowan just posted a video this week about the dangers of Ivermectin. YouTube deleted the video and banned him from posting on the platform for 2 weeks.

It's interesting because they didn't want people using Ivermectin to stop what they call "COVID" and demand increased its stock. Now, they're "striking" people who post about the dangers.

Make it make sense.

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Hi Zenle,

Here's an attempt to 'make it make sense.'

Firstly assume that the British and European elites have always been totalitarians, through the Crown Monarchy Mandates, and sought to enslave their people and drain their wealth, and tax them to the hilt to pay for The Crown's government, which is used to control the slaves and extract their wealth, destroy their health, and to regularly cull them so they don't rise up in rebellion and kill the elites and tear down this system of totalitarianism and parasitic wealth extraction. That's the reality to start with.

Now a little history on the pharmaceutical industry for jabbing people.

The global pharmaceutical industry is owned by the International Money Cartel, whose owners are the bankers, billionaires and monarchies of the western world, whom to put it in perspective I like to call the Monarchy Imperial Cult of the Roman Empire Cartel, all roads lead to Rome, this is the Global Cabal, the true owners at the top of the global Pyramid of Power.

They are the richest people in the world, especially the monarchial families as they hide it all in the tax havens, trusts, and foundations, so we can't see it, but they've been raping, pillaging, and plundering humanity for 2,000+ years. So they are the richest, the greediest, the most parasitical, and the most evil. Their actions through history tell us this. The bankers work for the monarchies and control the global Money Monopoly, and in turn global Monopoly Capitalism - the multinationals, which are now organized into their transnational cartel, the World Economic Forum - so we can see this part. The billionaires throughout history have been made by the monarchies and the bankers. They are agents of the empire. Point your finger at any of the elite billionaires today, and see who owns their companies, who funded them, and who helped them to become monopolies - you find the same bankers, especially BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

This is how they control the global economy for Monopoly Capitalism - whose single purpose is to take all the wealth and transfer it to the 1% - which is why since the founding of the Bank of England in 1694 to today, the 1% have taken nearly 50% and the top 10% - meaning the useful idiots and beneficiaries of predatory capitalism, own another 40% leading 90% of the worlds population with just 10%, and the bottom 55% meaning 4.4 billion people owning only 1.3% which is the clothes on their backs. (Figures quoted from Forbes article 2018) The whole system is predatory and parasitic because it is designed to be so.

The pharmaceutical industry as we know it today began in 1853 with the introduction of the privately sponsored (read the rich elites) bill which passed into law and became the Vaccination Act of 1853 - and MANDATED injections promoted as SAFE AND EFFECTIVE for smallpox, which went on for the next 46 years until after decades of the public, the honest doctors, and the publishing of a book (available free on Internet Archive) called "Vaccines Not Safe & Not Effective" they finally stopped forcing people all over the world in the British Empire (about 90 nations) to be injected with smallpox concotions, which was spreading death, disability and disease through a phenomenon called 'vaccine induced disease' well known in the 'vaccine' industry, and literally means - 'disease induced by injection.'

I found a reference that showed in 1855 the British were paying 'vaccinators' (remember Joe Biden used this word) the princely sum of 5 POUNDS per injection of the smallpox concoction, and they were keeping registers on everyone in the colonies, and forcing everyone down to 6 month old babies to be injected. Sound familiar?

All of which was being paid for by the taxpayers and the companies producing the drugs were pocketing the profits.

The British, and globalists, formula for Monopoly Capitalism is simple. Socialize the costs and privatize the profits. In other words profiting through spreading death, disability and diseases.

Now we've been talking about Big Pharma. But the British tobacco industry is the same thing. By the 1590s the British doctors had a huge body of research showing tobacco was addictive, lead to diseases, and shortened live. So, in the 1610s, the British elites started growing tobacco in their colony Virginia, which became part of America later, and ran a massive marketing campaign to get people hooked on tobacco and cigarettes for hundreds of years to come. It was taxed, and prohibitions were put on growing your own tobacco so that the home gardener could not compete with the monopoly profits of the corporations and their partners in the monarchy.

The formula for the western elites is profits from spreading death, disability and disease.

A few simple examples.

-Big Agriculture

-Big Chemicals

-Big Food

-Big Pharma

-Big Tobacco

-Military Industrial Complex

Regarding the ivermectin - they knew that a large segment of the population would be looking for a cure, so they created one, and so they profited hugely on that side as well. China is the biggest producer of ivermectin and the CCP made a fortune off this. The CCP is a partner of the Roman Empire Cartel.

When you truly understand that the western elites, the Roman Empire Cartel, have since the Roman Monarchy era, 2,500+ years ago, believed, as have all empires based on the Crown Monarchy Mandate system, they have the right to rule the populations, they have the right to exercise the 'might is right' principle, they have the right to impose laws and taxes to control the people and strip them of their wealth, and that they have the power and the right of life and death over the populations - when you understand this psychopathy that's been alive and well for thousands of years, then you can understand all of the multiple ways that the elites profit from killing people. They hate the masses and just see them as a means to their ends.

As godawful as all this is, it is as I see it the raw unvarnished and ugly truth.

And it makes sense of that which most find hard to comprehend.


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Yes! Yes! Yes to all of this!! Thank you, Ivan!!

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Glad you liked it mate. It was a pleasure to write it for you.

Remember the rule is simple - Evil Rules Humanity.

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Great effort Tim"! Seems you spelled sheep wrong I'll fix it for you:

Human Study Finds Drop In Sperm Motility & Concentration Post-Ivermectin

Don’t forget Ivermectin neuro tox, see the links in here:


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Certainly had me fooled, tho that would not be too difficult. Quite a genius move by the evil ones. I wonder how hydroxy stands after this revelation? Seems the best thing to do, if you thought you had covid, was to treat it as you would any old common cold, which I'm pleased to say is how I treated the whole affair.

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